12.3" Glow-In-The-Dark Cactus Glass Bong

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This glow in the dark glass bong is clear and many colors can be seen under the light. There is cactus-shaped glowing material inside the body. The glowing material makes the bong glows bright green in the dark! A pretty heady feature!  The bong is approximately 12.3" in height and 448.4g in weight which is a bit heavy when you hold it in your hand. It features high-quality glass so you won't worry about breaking it down on the floor. The set comes with a 14mm joint size female removable downstem and the male bowl piece. 

  • Accessories: 1x 14mm Female Downstem, 1x 14mm Male Bowl Piece
  • Height: 12.3" / 31.3cm 
  • Weight: 448.4g
  • Base Width: 3.8" / 9.8cm
  • Glow In The Dark Bong
  • High-quality Glass
  • Removable Down Stem
  • Female Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
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  • Sub-Category: Glass Bongs, Percolator Bongs, Cheap Bongs