13.8" Multiple Percolator Glass Bong

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This high-quality borosilicate glass bong is perfect for your daily use.

Unlike the normal percolator bongs, it not only equipped with showerhead perc on the bottom but also features five tubes with honeycomb perc in it. That is to say, it can provide a better filtration for your smoke. The whole water pipe is clear glass so you can see clearly how it works and bring you more fun when you inhale.

The dry herb bong is a 14mm female joint and also comes with a 14mm male glass bowl

  • Standard Accessories: 1x 14mm Male Bowl Piece
  • Height: 13.8" / 35cm 
  • Base Width: 4.33" / 11cm
  • Bong/Dab Rig
  • Worked Glass
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Showerhead Percolator
  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • Circular Mouthpiece
  • Straight Tube
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  • Sub-Category: Glass Bongs, Percolator Bongs, Cheap Bongs