14mm Honeycomb Ash Catcher

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If you're looking for an ash catcher that's got the maximum filtration ability for your bong, check out this 14mm honeycomb percolator ash catcher! It features extra thick glass walls and a layer of honeycomb percolator located near the bottom.

When you inhale, the water and the smoke will travel from the 14mm male joint to the main chamber and the honeycomb percolator, you'll see a massive amount of bubbles bubbling up and the smoke will be sufficiently chilled and filtrated. 

The receiving joint is a 14mm female joint, more than 80% of the bong bowls on the market are compatible. 

Please note that since it's got a straight joint so it works better on straight tube bongs if you want to use it on a beaker bong you might need 90 degrees to 45 degrees adapter.