4.7" 18mm To 14mm Acrylic Diffuser Downstem (Mint)

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Looking for a colored downstem for your favorite bong? This mint downstem will be great for your bong.

The replacement downstem will be easy for you to clean. Also it is made from acrlic. Very portable, durable and Unbreakable! It features some cuts on the bottom which will  ensure your hit is diffused in all directions to ensure a smooth and balanced hit

It will fit glass bongs with an 18mm Female Joint and works with 14mm Bong Bowls. 

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Features Of This 18mm to 14mm Diffuser Downstem

  • Acrylic downstem
  • 18mm To 14mm Joint
  • Fits All Bongs That Features An 18mm Female Joint
  • Fits All 14mm Male Bong Bowl
  • Downstem Length: 4.7"(12cm)
  • Slitted Design
  • Weight: 12.9g
  • Category: Bong Accessories
  • Sub-category: Downstem