Briar Wood Hand Pipe(Random Color)

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This basic design hand pipe is made from briarwood so you know it's able to take up some beatings, it features a medium sized stainless steel weed bowl so you can pack a decent size nug in it. 
This weed pipe is small enough to put in any pocket and carry around without any problem, it weighs only 13 grams!
  • Length: 81mm        
  • Weight:13g
  • Material: Hard Briar Wood 
  • Design: Basic Weed Pipe Design 
  • Features: 2 colors available, random shipping, great for traveling.
  • CategoryWholesale Glass Pipes

Features Of This Weed Pipe

Briar Wood Pipe 

Briarwood had been used by humans to carve smoking pipes for over 500 years. The hardness, durability and the ability to withstand high-temperatures makes it some of the best materials to make a pipe for smoking, in fact, if a Briarwood pipe is properly cared for, it could last for a lifetime.