Extra Large UFO Perc Ash Catcher

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This extra large tube-shaped ash catcher is perfect for those who like to challenge themselves for taking some big fat tokes! The extra large space in the ash catcher provides room for more water for filtration, not to mention with the help of the spiral pattern UFO percolator at the bottom of the catcher, which can generate a massive amount of bubbles while filtering the smokes even more! 
  • Spiral Pattern Percolator 
  • UFO Percolator
  • Extra Large Design 
  • 90° Angle
  • Height: 7.3"/18.5cm
  • Base Width: 2"/5cm 
  • Weight: 260g
  • Joint Size: 14mm/18mm Male/Female Available 
  • Category: Wholesale Dab Rigs Wholesale Bongs