Aluminium Funnel 3 Layer Herb Grinder W/Roll Tube For Pre-Roll Cones (4 Colors)

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  • Maximum Efficiency: The Pre-Roll Cone Grinder features a sleek green design that utilizes an acrylic grinder that does a marvelous job of grinding down dry herb, preparing it for even and thorough vaporization.
  • Dispense With Ease: Providing high compatibility that allows you add directly to your pre-roll cone, this grinder spots a diamond-shaped diamond cutting teeth for extreme efficiency and effortless grinding of medicinal herb, dry herbs, and spices grind, making it possible to dispense in less than 10 seconds.
  • No More Spills: Spotting an ergonomic design that sees it come in a funnel shape; our sleek looking pre-roll cone grinder guides every herb perfectly into the bowl with zero spills!
  • Easy to Use: This highly efficient green pre-roll cone grinder which comes with a versatile acrylic grinder for improved efficiency in getting a smooth blend of your herbs. Simply roll it up, fill, and enjoy with your favorite rolling papers!
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