Hornet 5m Hempleaf Pattern Natural Rolling Paper 5 Rolls

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Hornet is known for its smoking and rolling related product lines, they make rolling trays, grinders, filters, and of course, rolling papers. 

 Each of the rolling papers has also been printed with green hemp leaves, giving your eyes a treat as well as your taste buds.

And it is easy to use and each of the 5m rolls has been pre-creased making them more manageable while filling your cigarette. 

These finest quality rolling papers are made from 100% natural gum and each package contains 5 rolls of natural gum rolling papers, in total there will be 25m, that's a lot. 

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  • 5 Rolls, 5x5m Of Natural Gum Rolling Paper
  • Hornet Hempleaf pattern Rolling Paper
  • Rolling Paper Size: 57mm*25mm
  • Material: Natural Gum
  • Category: Rolling Paper