Hornet Kingsize Rolling Paper 5 Booklets

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Hornet is known for its smoking and rolling related product lines, they make rolling trays, grinders, filters, and of course, rolling papers. 

The Hornet Kingsize Rolling Paper series is perfect for you if you like your rolling papers to be slow-burning and made from 100% natural gum, each of the booklets contains 32 leaves of papers and the size of the rolling paper is 110mm in length and 44mm wide.

If you're planning to chill with friends at home and passing around your favorite herb, you'll need to roll some big joints, trust me, you can't go wrong with this one. 

  • 5 Booklets, 160 Leaves Of Rolling Paper
  • Hornet Kingsize Rolling Paper Series
  • Rolling Paper Size: 110mm*44mm
  • Material: Natural Gum
  • Category: Rolling Paper