"Pencil Sharpener" Novelty Heavy Duty Herb Grinding Mill (4 Color)

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  • This grinder is a hard and durable alternative to vast array of other fragile grinders.
  • Our grinder makes a great gift for any home cook. Use for your tobacco/spice/herb to grind evenly and make rolling and smoking easier.
  • Anodized Finish looks amazing and prevents flaking, pealing or smudge marks.
  • See the results for your self, the see-thru shell lets you watch your herbs grind.
  • This Grinder is made up with handle and 2 metal grinding drums.
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Pencil Sharpener Style Tobacco/Spice/Herb/Weed Grinder With Handle

Material: Metal and Plastic

Size:4" height X 3" width

Package includes: 1x Grinder for Tobacco/Spice/Herb/Weed