Portable Mini Silicone Hand Pipe With Glass Bowl

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Very portable mini hand pipe on Puffing Bird!

This mini size hand pipe is made of 100 percent FDA approved silicone. It contains a 1.3″ deep glass bowl.

The pipe also features an eyelet that can be used to hang this from your backpack or put it on your keychain. 

Easily fit into your pockets without even feeling a thing. Suitable pipe for outdoor activities!


  • Length: 79mm/3.1 inches           
  • Weight: 9.6g
  • Material: 100 percent FDA approved silicone
  • Design: mini pipe design fits right into your bags/pockets.
  • Features: portable
  • Category: Pipes
  • Sub-category: Silicone Pipes,  One Hitter PipesChillums