Pink&Blue Fumed Glass Pipe

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Best Wholesale Glass Pipes Supplier For Headshops

A beautiful mixture of the blue and pink tones, the glass pipe is made of very thick glass and you can feel the built quality of the pipe when you get your hands on it. 

The carb hole is on the left side of the bowl and there is a clear glass marble located on the right for a better grip.

The bowl size of this glass pipe is about average and it's very deep. Overall a great hand pipe for everyday use. 

Features Of This Wholesale Glass Pipe

  • Fumed Glass Pipe
  • Spoon Pipe
  • Length: 4.9" / 12cm
  • Color Changing Pipe
  • Hand Made Glass Pipes
  • Top Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Deep Bowl Glass Pipe
  • Category: Wholesale Glass Pipes


Why Buy Wholesale Glass Pipes From Kraken Trading?

Before starting, we had been working with headshop(or smoke shop) owners all over the world, helping them to find and source the best value bulk sale glass pipes(chillums, steam rollers, spoon pipes, bubblers and more) from suppliers from America or foreign countries. 

With years of experience in the field, we've established tight relationships with some of the biggest glass pipes manufacturers, so we have the first-hand info about the headshop market trends and we keep a healthy amount of stock of pipes to meet all your needs to start your own headshop or expanding the catalog in your existed headshop.

As a business owner ourselves, we know it's hard trying to start your own headshop, you can find cheap wholesale glass pipes that are made in China or India but you're never sure about the quality of their products, all you can see is the pictures on their catalog and we know a lot of Chinese companies are offering ridiculously low prices for their branded glass pipes. 

Tempting, right? 

But it could be a painful experience trying to find a reputable distributor for glass pipes.

Before listing the products on your store, you'll need to order some sample pipes before making a big purchase, right?

So, many of the Chinese glass pipes distributor/wholesaler will send you a different catalog with so-called "Sample Prices", the prices are typically 50% more than the wholesale price.

Not to mention a fair amount of distributors don't offer samples at all, and they'll require you place an order with ridiculously high MOQ, so you don't even have a chance of checking the glass pipes for yourself before buying in bulk with hundreds even thousands of dollars.

Even if you get the samples for a fair price, it's just the "samples" that you see, there is little or no guarantee that the mass production glass pipes will look the same as the one in your hand, that's just a fact. 

With all that barriers laying ahead, it just seems a bit overwhelming and we know there are so many people with a limited budget, just wanted to start a small business to offer fair priced glass pipes, backed down for these reasons. 

We Want To Be The Solution, Not Just Another Wholesaler.

Here at Kraken Trading, professionalism, honesty, and integrity are our core values, we want to be the solution that would allow more people that are interested in getting into the headshop business but facing problems that they just don't see the way to dip their toes into the water. 

What You See Is What You Get. 

There is no fooling around about this. 

We don't rely on just one manufacturer to produce all the glass pipes, just like any industry, each and every manufacturer has its own characteristics, some are good in making plain, clear glass pipes, some are good in making fumed glass pipes, and some are good in making delicate novelty pipes. 

With that knowledge in mind, we know exactly which manufacturer we are going to find when we have a new design, we just know they will good at it.

Every piece of glass pipes made are under our supervision and must pass our strict QC before sending to our customers. 

We don't make just "samples", the pictures of pipes you see on the page and the sample you get, are from our latest production, so you don't need to worry about getting the wrong color or getting the thinner glass. 

And one more thing, we don't make knock-off glass pipes, even it's a custom order, cheap knock-offs are one of the many reasons why the glass industry is heading to destructive competition, our love for industry won't allow us to do anything that could eventually hurt it. 

We Are Here To Help.

We offer different plans for different types of buyers who try to get in the industry, we don't have a MOQ for most of our products so you can source as many products as you want to get in the game faster than anyone else. 

For social media influencers, we have a very competitive affiliate program that could help you reviewing different products listed on, and you can make a profit every time you brought in a customer. 

We also have a headshop dropshipping program, for a headshop that's just getting started and you don't want to spend any money stocking products just yet, you just need to list as many products as you want on your website and see which one works the best for you, we've got you covered. Just talk to one of our representatives, we can help you integrate as many products as possible from Kraken Trading to your website. 

So you can just sit back and relax, focus on marketing and promoting your website, let us take care of fulfillment for you. 

Don't Know How To Get Started? Talk To Us!