30mm XL Opaque Quartz Banger

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Wholesale 30mm XL quartz bangers are very popular among the hardcore dabbers, nowadays there are many influencers that will make videos of them dabbing big chunks of wax, for containing that crazy amount of concentrates they will need one of these XL quartz bangers for sure.

This XL quartz banger is quite unique, not only it features an opaque base, but it also has a huge core reactor placed right in the middle that is also made from opaque. 

The opaque base heats up much faster than the ordinary pure quartz base bangers, and the "boiling" process is very stable, not to mention the extra thick base on this banger can preserve heat even longer for multiple dabs. 

Features Of This Wholesale Quartz Banger:

  • 30mm OD Cup
  • Core Reactor Design
  • Opaque Base & Opaque Core Reactor
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity
  • OEM Service Available
  • Stable Wholesale Price
  • Headshop Dropshipping Program Available
  • 14mm Male/Female, 18mm Male/Female
  • Top Quality Quartz Material
  • Produced And Inspected By Kraken Trading
  • Category: Wholesale Quartz Bangers


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