Wooden Hammer Weed Pipe

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This wooden hammer weed bowl is made from 100% wood(honestly I don't know what kind of wood, smells great tho), as you can see in the pics it's very classically designed. 
This hand pipe is small in size, it's a little bit less than 5 inches in length so you can fit in your jeans pocket, but it's got a relatively large size weed bowl to pack a decent size nug in it. If you want to have a try on wooden pipes this one might be a great start.
  • Length: 4.76"/121mm        
  • Weight:25g
  • Material: Wood
  • Design: Classic Sherlock Design Hammer Wooden Pipe
  • Features: Great for traveling and daily use at home
  • CategoryWholesale Glass Pipes

Features Of This Weed Bowl

Wooden Weed Bowl

This weed bowl is made from mostly wood, that means it's very lightweight and can be carried around without you feeling any weight in your bags or pockets. Comparing to traditional glass pipes, wooden pipes are much more durable, you don't need to worry about it breaking when you(or your clumsy friend) accidentally drop it on the ground.